Here at Fedele's Chocolates we have two rewards programs, one for online use and another for in-store. The programs work similar but aren't tied together.

If you would like to transfer points between accounts, please reach out to us at with your full name and where you want to transfer the points. Please allow 24-48 hours for the points to be transferred. 

For In-Store Rewards:
To view your points and transactions online, you must first register an account through RepeatRewards. Once an account has been created, you can view your reward points and much more through there. Points earned in-store cannot be used online without emailing us to transfer them. Please note, your login for our website here is separate than the login for the in-store rewards program on RepeatRewards.

For Online Rewards:
Once you have created an account (with a password) on our website for an online order, you are eligible to receive online rewards.

Click the "Online Rewards" tab at the bottom right to pull up or click here.

You will get 1 point for every $1 spent and for every 20 points you have, you can redeem for $1 off your order, up to as many points as you want (200 points = $10 off). Once you redeem, you will be given a coupon code that can be used at checkout. If you lose this coupon code, you can see it by clicking on the Online Rewards widget and going to "Activity/Reward Codes". 

To redeem your points, follow the steps below:
1) Click "Online Rewards" at Bottom right of page (Sign in if prompted)
2) Go to "Redeem Online Points"
3) Select the Order Discount
4) And select up to the amount you want to spend reward points.

You will then be given a code to use at checkout. If you lose the code, you can view by going to..."Activity/Reward Codes", then selecting "Recent Coupon Activities" - Your codes for the online rewards will be displayed here.

Any inquiries regarding the rewards programs can be sent to: