1) How it works: (Click to view)
Get a Point for Every Dollar Spent
For every 200 Points you reach, receive a $10 Certificate by email good for in store use (Expires 6 months after being issued)
On the month of your birthday (if valid email address is provided), you receive a special coupon from Fedele's valid during your birthday month
(If birthday is within 45 days of signup date, you will not receive special coupon till the following year)
Get points even when you don't have your card by simply giving your phone number at checkout
(Only able to do if a phone number was provided at signup or given at later date)
2) FAQ's: (Click to view)

a) Can I signup for a In-Store Rewards Account online?

No you must signup in store when you visit our shop. Sorry for any inconvenience

b) When will I receive my rewards certificate?

Rewards Certificates are emailed out every 14 days. If it's been over 14 days after you have reached the 200 point mark, and you haven't received, please check your SPAM folder. If you don't see it, please contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page

c) Does the rewards certificate or birthday coupon expire?

Rewards Certificates expire 6 months after they're issued.
Birthday Coupons expire 90 days after they're issued and cannot be reissued.

d) Is there a minimum I must spend to keep my rewards membership?

To stay active, you must have one sale transaction (over $1) per one year period. If you do not have a transaction within a one year period, your membership will become inactive and you won't receive any birthday coupons and/or promotions. If your membership is inactive, just shop at one of our shops and your membership will automatically become active.

e) I have never received any email for the rewards program, why is this?

Most of the time, the reason is due to your email client putting our messages into your SPAM folder. Occasionally though, we may have not entered your information correctly, causing you to not receive the emails. The best thing to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will check your account to make sure all information is correct, we then can let you know the dates emails were sent so you can easily locate them in your SPAM folder (if the info we have is correct).

f) Do I receive points when I purchase products online?

Online orders do not receive credit towards the in-store rewards program and in-store purchases do not receive points for online rewards as they are two separate programs

g) I forgot to show my rewards card (or give phone number) at checkout, can I still get points?

Fedele's Chocolates will issue missing points only under the following conditions:
1) Missing Points request was submitted on the support form below within 21 days of purchase date
2) A clear photo of your receipt is uploaded with the request (must be in jpg, gif, bmp or png format and be smaller than 5mb)
3) Must understand that making a fraudulent request for points will be taken seriously and can result in your account being deleted as well as the possibility of facing prosecution for fraud.

h) I no longer want to be part of the Rewards program, how can I be removed?

We are very sad to see you go but please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will remove your account. Please note that once your account is deleted, it cannot be undone.

3) View My Account Online: (Click to view)

If you'd like to view your recent purchases, print reward certificates, print birthday coupon and/or update your information go to www.myrepeatrewards.com.

Having trouble registering an account or managing your account, please fill in the form below for assistance.

Having trouble with your in-store rewards account? Fill out form below to get assistance