What is Penuche [puh-noo-chee] Fudge?

Penuche Fudge is made from a blend of brown & white sugar, and cooked with cream and butter.

Is Sugar-Free Low Calorie?
No, sugar-free chocolates are not a low calorie chocolate/product.

What is Panned Candy?
This process involves building candy pieces from single units, such as grains of sugar, nuts or candy centers, tossing them in revolving pans while adding the flavor, color and other candy ingredients to it. This process continues until the pieces become the desired size. Finally, the candy gets a high polish with an edible coating, which gives it an attractive appearance.

Does Fedele's Carry Gluten Free Chocolate?
Yes we do carry Gluten Free Chocolates

Why don't you ship on Friday?
We ship Monday thru Thursday to ensure freshness as well as being sure the product is not sitting in a shipping warehouse during the weekend.

Does Fedele's Chocolates ship during the summer?
We do ship during the summer/warmer months, but an ice pack must be included. Shipping may be delayed as well if the weather is to hot.

How quick will I receive my shipment?
During the warmer months (May-September) it can vary depending on weather. The rest of the year, we ship out within 24 hours of the order being placed (Monday thru Thursday) and we ship via USPS using Priority Mail (2-3 business days). We do require a signature at time of delivery, if you are not home at time of delivery USPS will leave a notice for pickup at your local post office.